Mission, goals, objectives

Плаквт на Фондацията, автор Г.Чапкънов


The clear notion to build up an intellectual capacity, securing access to the best academic centers on an international level for young and capable Bulgarians, who are needed to meet the challenges of transition, as well as for the integration of Bulgaria into United Europe and the world, is the main drivingforce determining the Foundation’s philosophy.   



St. Cyril and St. Methodius International Foundation was established on October 20th, 1982 as a non-governmental, non-profit organization with headquarters located in Sofia.

The goals and objectives of the Foundation are based on the principles of transparency and realistic evaluation of individual achievements. The Foundation is registered in public benefit and its work targets society as a whole, i.e:

• Supports the dissemination of world achievements in the fields of education and culture;

• Acts in favour of international understanding, unity and assertion of the values of human civilization by developing and enhancing the exchange in culture, arts, science, education and professional training;

• Assists in the development of gifted children and capable young people by providing equal opportunities based exclusively on their professional skills and sponsoring their education, professional training and creative development;

• Enhances the preservation, maintenance and popularization of cultural and historic heritage;

In order to accomplish its goals the Foundation frequently joins efforts with organizations, institutions and individuals; provides financial support, awards scholarships and prizes on a competitive basis; organizes charity events; assists in the organization of symposia, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, etc.


The Foundation is an endowed organization, which main capital is gathered through donations made by organizations and private individuals from Bulgaria and abroad. A large part of these donations are pieces of art. The organization is an independent and publicly supported charity.


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