The German Circle of Friends to the Foundation

Berthold Beitz, b. 1913, Dr. med.h.c., Prof., merchant; Chairman of the Board of Governors, Alred Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation, Essen; Chairman, Cultural Foundation Ruhv, Essen; Honorary Chairman, Board of Governors, Thyssen Krupp; Honorary member, International Olympic Committee. Founder of the Circle 1985.

Klaus von Bismarck, 1912-1997; D.theol., farmer; former President, Goethe Institute, Munich, 1977-1989; former Director General, West German Radio and Television (WDR), Cologne, 1957-64. Co-founder 1985.

Christian Bode, b. 1942; Dr. jur., D.h.c., administrator; former Secretary General, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Bonn; former Secretary General, West German Rectors Conference (WRK), Bonn, 1982-1990. Member 1996.

Hugo Borger, Dr. phil., Prof., art historian; former Director General , Museums of the City of Cologne; former Director, Roman Germanic Museum, Cologne. Co-founder 1985.

Peter Fischer-Appelt, b. 1932; Dr. theol., LHD, LittD, LLD (hon), D. h. c. mult., academic administrator; Prof., former President , University of Hamburg, 1970-91; co-founder (LSF)1982, member and Chairman of the Auditing Council 1982-92, President 1992-1998, Honorary President 1995-, St. Cyril and St. Methodius International Foundation, Sofia; teaches Systematic Theology at Hamburg University, 1972-. Co-founder 1985; Chairman 1986-.

Helmut Greve, b. 1922; Dr. jur., merchant; Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Helmut Greve Bau und Boden AG, Hamburg, 1978; Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Hungary, 1992; Chairman of the Board of Governors, Dr. Helmut and Hannelore Greve Foundation for Sciences and Culture, 1988-; Member 1998.

Harald Heimsoeth, b. 1916-2007; Dr.jur., diplomat,; former Ambassador to Bulgaria; diplomatic service Nairobi 1973-79, Brussels 1968-70, Djakarta 1965-68, UN New York 1960-65, New Delhi 1953-56. Co-founder 1985.

Gerd-Winand Imeyer, b. 1934; Prof. Dr. rer. pol., merchant; Director General and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hanse Merkur Insurance Group, Hamburg; Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Bulgaria for Northern Germany, Hamburg, 1993- . Member 1993

Dominik von Koenig, b. 1944; Dr. phil., administrator; Secretary General, Foun­dation Lower Saxony, Hannover 1992-; chief expert, Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation, Essen, 1980-1992. Member 1993, Executive Secretary 1985.

Wilhelm Krull, b. 1952; Dr. phil., administra­tor; Secretary General, Volkswagen Founda­tion, Hannover, 1996- ; Executive Director, Max Planck Society (MPG), Munich, 1993-95. Mem­ber 1996.

Peter Ludwig, 1925-1996; Dr. phil., Dr. h.c. mult., Prof., art historian, art collector, entre­preneur; former Chairman of the Board, Ludwig Schokolade GmbH, Aachen; co owner Mon- heim AG, Aachen, 1952-86; founder, Ludwig Foundation for Art and International Under­standing, Aachen, 1983; sponsor of Ludwig Museums and Institutes in Aachen, Budapest, Cologne, Koblenz, Oberhausen, Saarlouis, St. Petersburg, Vienna; collections of ancient and modern art in museums of Aachen, Aalborg, Basel, Berlin, Bochum, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hannover, Havana, Kassel, Koblenz, Leipzig, Mainz, Munich, Paris, Saarbrucken, Vienna. Co-founder 1985.

Hartmut Rahn (retired), b. 1930; Dr. phil., administrator; former Secretary General, Ger­man National Scholarship Foundation (Studien- stiftung des deutschen Volkes), Bonn, 1970-95; Chairman German Commission for the United World Colleges. Member 1989-2000.

Peter Tils, b. 1952; banker; Managing Direc­tor, Global Head of Relationship Management, Fin. Inst., Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt, 1993-; held positions in Goettingen, Mexico City, Bo­gota, Bonn. Member 1996.

Heinz-Berndt Windscheidt, b. 1943; adminis­trator; Director, Regional Division for East Eu­rope, Carl Duisberg Society (CDG), Cologne, 1992-; held other positions at CdG 1978-92. Member 1996.

Otto Wolff von Amerongen, b. 1918; Dr.h.c. mult., Prof., merchant, Chairman of the Board of Governors, Otto Wolff von Amerongen Foundation, Cologne, 1992-; Chairman of the Board of Directors, Otto Wolff GmbH, Cologne; honorary President 1988-, President 1969-88, Association of German Chambers of Industy and Commerce (Deutscher Industrie- und Han- delstag), Bonn; Chairman, East Europe Com­mittee, Cologne, 1958-. Co-founder 1985.


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