The German Circle of Friends to the Foundation

Berthold Beitz, 1913-2013, Dr. med. h. c., Prof., merchant; Chairman of the Board of Governors, Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation, Essen, 1968; Chairman, Cultural Foundation Ruhr, Essen; Honorary Chairman, Board of Governors, Thyssen Krupp; Honorary member, International Olympic Committee. Founder of the Circle 1985.

Andreas von Below, b. 1946, Dr. phil., member and representative of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, 1977-2011, in particular in the Baltic states and in Bulgaria. Member 2016.

Klaus von Bismarck, 1912-1997; D. theol., farmer; former President, Goethe Institute, Munich, 1977-1989; former Director General, West German Radio and Television (WDR), Cologne, 1957-64. Co-founder 1985.

Christian Bode, b. 1942; Dr. jur., Dr. h. c. mult., Prof., administrator; former Secretary General, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Bonn, 1990-2010; former Secretary General, West German Rectors Conference (WRK), Bonn, 1982-1990. Member 1996. Retired 2013.

Hugo Borger, 1925-2004, Dr. phil., Prof., art historian; former Director General , Museums of the City of Cologne; former Director, Roman Germanic Museum, Cologne. Co-founder 1985. Retired 1987.

PETER FISCHER-APPELT, b. 1932; Dr. theol., LHD, LittD, LLD, Dr. h. c. mult., academic educator and administrator; Prof., former President , University of Hamburg, 1970-91; co-founder (LSF) 1982, member and Chairman of the Auditing Council 1982-92, President 1992-1998, Honorary President 2002, St. Cyril and St. Methodius International Foundation, Sofia; teaches Systematic Theology at Hamburg University, 1972-. Co-founder 1985; Chairman 1986-.

Michael Geier, b. 1944; German diplomat; ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Burkina Faso, 1985–1988; to South Korea, 2003-2006; to Bulgaria, 2006-2009. Member 2013.

Helmut Greve, 1922-2016; Dr. jur., merchant; Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Helmut Greve Bau und Boden AG, Hamburg, 1978; Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Hungary, 1992; Chairman of the Board of Governors, Dr. Helmut and Hannelore Greve Foundation for Sciences and Culture, 1988; Member 1998-2016.

Harald Heimsoeth, 1916-2007; Dr. jur., diplomat; former Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Bulgaria; diplomatic service Nairobi 1973-79, Brussels 1968-70, Djakarta 1965-68, UN New York 1960-65, New Delhi 1953-56. Co-founder 1985.

GERD-WINAND IMEYER, b. 1934; Prof. Dr. rer. pol., merchant; Director General and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hanse Merkur Insurance Group, Hamburg; Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Bulgaria for Northern Germany, Hamburg, 1993-. Member 1993.

Frerich J. Keil, b. 1947; Dr. rer. nat., Dr. h. c., Prof. of Chemical Reaction Engineering, Hamburg University of Technology; editor of international scientific journals; coordinator of the German language programs in HTMU, Sofia, since 1991. Member 2014.

DOMINIK von KOENIG, b. 1944; Dr. phil., administrator; Secretary General, Foun­dation Lower Saxony, Hannover 1992-2008; chief expert, Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation, Essen, 1980-1992. Member 1993, Executive Secretary 1985-1993. Retired 2014.

Wilhelm Krull, b. 1952; Dr. phil., Prof., administra­tor; Secretary General, Volkswagen Founda­tion, Hannover, 1996- ; Executive Director, Max Planck Society (MPG), Munich, 1993-95. Mem­ber 1996.

Walter Lewalter, b. 1938; German diplomat; former ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Bulgaria, 1987–1991; ambassador of Germany to Indonesia, 1991-1994; head of the Permanent representation of the UN in Geneva, 1998-2003. Member 2013.

Peter Ludwig, 1925-1996; Dr. phil., Dr. h.c. mult., Prof., art historian, art collector, entre­preneur; former Chairman of the Board, Ludwig Schokolade GmbH, Aachen; co-owner Monheim AG, Aachen, 1952-86; founder, Ludwig Foundation for Art and International Under­standing, Aachen, 1983; sponsor of Ludwig Museums and Institutes in Aachen, Budapest, Cologne, Koblenz, Oberhausen, Saarlouis, St. Petersburg, Vienna; collections of ancient and modern art in museums of Aachen, Aalborg, Basel, Berlin, Bochum, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hannover, Havana, Kassel, Koblenz, Leipzig, Mainz, Munich, Paris, Saarbrucken, Vienna. Co-founder 1985.

Marian Paschke, b. 1954; Dr. h. c., Prof. Dr. jur., teaches law in the University of Hamburg; member of the Academy of sciences in Hamburg, work group “Energy and Resources”; member of the project “Energy systems of the future – ESYS” of the German Academy of Sciences; Chairman, Arbitration Court, German-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, Sofia. Member 2016.

Hartmut Rahn, b. 1930; Dr. phil., administrator; former Secretary General, Ger­man National Scholarship Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes), Bonn, 1970-95; Chairman German Commission for the United World Colleges. Member 1989-2000. Retired 2000.

Norbert Randow, 1929-2013; Dr. phil. h.c.; slavist; author, editor, translator; prominent mediator of Bulgarian and Belorussian literature and poetry to German culture since 1961; Leipzig Book Award for European Understanding, 2001. Member 2007-2013.

Ullrich-Günther Schubert, b. 1947; former Director BNP-Paribas for Bulgaria, 2000-2012; worked for the bank group since 1981 in executive roles in Germany, France, USA, Luxembourg and Korea; chief counsellor of Paribas Corporate and Transaction Banking Europe – Germany, Beufort, 2012. Member 2013.

Peter Tils, b. 1952; banker; Managing Direc­tor, Global Head of Relationship Management, Fin. Inst., Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt, 1993-; CEO for Central and Eastern Europe; held positions in Goettingen, Mexico City, Bo­gota, Bonn. Member 1996.

MARIA LUISA WARBURG, President, Liberal Forum, Hamburg. Member 1992.

Heinz-Berndt Windscheidt, b. 1943; adminis­trator; Director, Regional Division for East Eu­rope, Carl Duisberg Society (CDG), Cologne, 1992-; held other positions at CdG 1978-92. Member 1996-2016. Retired.

Otto Wolff von Amerongen, 1918-2007; Dr. h. c. mult., Prof., merchant, Chairman of the Board of Governors, Otto Wolff von Amerongen Foundation, Cologne, 1992; Chairman of the Board of Directors, Otto Wolff GmbH, Cologne; honorary President 1988, President 1969-88, Association of German Chambers of Industy and Commerce (Deutscher Industrie- und Handelstag), Bonn; Chairman, East Europe Com­mittee, Cologne, 1958. Co-founder 1985.


Meetings of the Circle of Friends:

11 June 1985, Essen, Villa Hügel
21 October 1986, Essen, Villa Hügel
13 November 1987, Essen, Villa Hügel; joint by the Bureau
17 November 1988, Bonn, House of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg
14 November, 1989, Dusseldorf, Chamber of Industry and Commerce
22 September 1992, Bonn, House of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg
21 September 1993, Hamburg, Hanse Merkur Insurance Company
13 September 1996, Hamburg, Hanse Merkur Insurance Company
19 September 1997, Hamburg, Hanse Merkur Insurance Company
11 September 1998, Frankfurt am Main, Deutsche Bank AG
10 September 1999, Hamburg, Hanse Merkur Insurance Company
09 September 2000, Sofia, Residence Bojana
07 September 2001, Hannover, Volkswagen-Stiftung
19 October 2002, Sofia, National Palace of Culture (20th Anniversary of the Foundation)
09 January 2004, Hamburg, Consulate of the Republic of Bulgaria
16 September 2005, Berlin, Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria
20 October 2006, Berlin, Deutsche Bank AG
20 October 2007, Sofia, National Palace of Culture (25th Anniversary of the Foundation)
12 September 2008, Hamburg, Bulgarian General Consulate
09 September 2009, Bonn, DAAD
12 June 2010, Sofia, Crystal Palace Hotel
20 October 2012 Sofia, Crystal Palace Hotel (30th Anniversary of the Foundation)
10 June 2013, Berlin, Deutsche Bank AG
12 September 2014, Hannover, Volkswagen Stiftung
07 September 2015, Hamburg, Bulgarian General Consulate
12 September 2016, Berlin, Deutsche Bank AG
20 October 2017, Sofia, Crystal Palace Hotel (35th Anniversary of the Foundation)


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