About the Foundation / Articles of Incorporation

St. Cyril and St. Methodius International Foundation

3, Vassil Aprilov Street, Sofia


We, the representatives of culture, science, education, of business, religious and public circles from different countries who assembled in Sofia on October 20, 1982 and signed this act

INSPIRED by our desire to make our contribution to international cooperation, to educate the young generation in appreciation of intransitive and universal human values and qualities:


- to encourage the dissemination of achievements in world culture, education and vocational training;

- to encourage the development of gifted young people by providing equal opportunities depending exclusively on professional abilities and skills;

- to encourage the formation of ecological awareness among the young;

IN COMPLIANCE with our unanimously expressed will




/1/ To establish Llyudmila Zhivkova International Foundation renamed on February 24, 1990 St. Cyril and St. Methodius International Foundation (to be referred to further for brevity as the Foundation).

/2/ The Foundation, with its seat at 1504 Sofia, Oborishte region, 3 Vassil Aprilov Street, is an independent international non-governmental and non-profit organization, which aims and activities are to benefit the public.



/1/ The Foundation pursues objectives beneficial to society on an equitable and democratic basis:

    1. acts in favor of international understanding, unity and the assertion of the most humane of values in civilization by developing and enhancing exchange in culture, art, science, education and professional training;

    2. assists research in education, professional training, science and culture;

    3. assists education, professional training and the creative development of talented children and capable young people;

    4. engages in charity targeting young people;

    5. assists in preserving and maintaining the cultural and historic heritage;

    6. assists in researching the heritage of St. Cyril and St. Methodius, the values and writings their feat and inspired;

/2/ The Foundation achieves its goals through non-profit and economic activities, including to:

    1. cooperate with organizations, institutes and persons keeping with the goals stipulated in Article II /1/ of the Constitutive Act;

    2. organize, participate, fund and work on, by itself or jointly with other organizations, projects and activities helping to attain the goals stipulated in Article II /1/ of the Constitutive Act;

    3. organize charities and raise funds to achieve its goals and to accomplish activities for the benefit of the public;

    4. render assistance, award scholarships and prizes on a competitive basis and to keep the will of the donors;

    5. assist the publication of books and printed matter for children and young people;

    6. organize and co-sponsor symposia and conferences, summer schools, seminar, exhibitions, etc.;

    7. build up and develop educational centers to offer services;

    8. invite and organize visits of foreign scientists, artists, groups and educators underwrites specialized travel abroad in keeping with Article II (1);

    9. engage in other economic activities which are additional and connected to the scope of activities listed in Article II (2), and are directly contributing to the fulfillment of the objectives stipulated in Article II (1), and are in accordance with the country’s laws.



/1/ The endowment of the Foundation is constituted by:

    1. donations by the founders of the Foundation;

    2. donations and bequests made by Bulgarian and foreign physical and juridical persons;

    3. income on its endowment;

    4. other sources of income and revenue;

/2/ Money, movables and immovables, works of art and objects of cultural value and others may be donated or bequeathed following which they are recorded in a special register.

/3/ Acts of disposal of the principal fund of the Foundation may be undertaken by a decision of the Bureau.

/4/ Expenditures pertaining to the activities and management of the Foundation are covered by its income.

/5/ The Foundation spends the income from its activities exclusively to achieve the goals and to accomplish the activities listed in Article II /1/ and /2/, in connection with Article III /1/ and does not distribute profits.

/6/ A calendar year is considered a fiscal year.



/1/ Governing bodies of the Foundation are: the Council of the Foundation, the Bureau of the Foundation, the Auditing Council, the President and the Secretary General.