About the Foundation / Mission, Goals, Objectives


The St. Cyril and St. Methodius International Foundation was established on October 20, 1982 as an international, non-governmental, non-profit organization with headquarters located in Sofia.

The clear notion to build up an intellectual capacity, securing access to the best academic centers on an international level for young and capable Bulgarians, who are needed to meet the challenges of transition, as well as for the integration of Bulgaria into Europe and the world, is the main driving force determining the Foundation's philosophy.

The Foundation's goals and objectives could not be achieved if its operations were not based on merit and transparency. Our activities are dedicated to the good of society as a whole:

    • It encourages the familiarization with the world achievements in the fields of culture and education.
    • It contributes to the consolidation of international good will, unification, and the values of human civilization, by facilitating exchange in the fields of art, science, education, and professional training.
    • It encourages the development of gifted young people by providing equal opportunities depending exclusively on professional abilities and skills, and sponsors their education, professional training, and career development.
    • It encourages the development of environmental awareness.

To accomplish its objectives the Foundation frequently joins efforts with other organizations, institutions and individuals. It provides financial aid, grants scholarships and awards prizes in various contests, organizes charity events, supports publishing projects and the organization of symposia, conventions, seminars, exhibitions, concerts, etc.

The Foundation is an endowed organization, which main capital is gathered through donations made by organizations and private individuals from Bulgaria and abroad. A large part of these donations are pieces of art. The organization is an independent and publicly supported charity.