International Youth Center 'Arkutino'
  The 'Arkutino' Center     Current Status / Construction  

The International Youth Centre Arkutino is situated 16 km south of the oldest town on the Bulgarian seaside, Sozopol and in the buffer zone of the Ropotamo Nature Reserve amidst sand dunes and blossoming sand lilies, dense forests and wreathing lianas, ivy and woodbine, along the Arkutino lagoon overgrown with reed and water-lilies and near the banks of the lazy Ropotamo River.
Thriving among the rich vegetation surrounding the Centre are more than 500 species of higher plants including 25 ligneous, 30 bush, 20 climbing plants as well as a number of annual and perennial grass plants the most well-known of which are the water and sand lily, the yellow water rose, the natant water fern, the marsh snowdrop, the weed wormwood and others.
The animal world does not succumb to the richness of the vegetation. The famous in the ancient times road called Via Pontica also runs by through this area. The International Children Centre Arkutino commenced its activities in 1983 and quickly managed to actually turn into a centre of child creativity and recreation. A substantial part of the art schools in the country chose to carry out their practice classes here every year. Meetings were organized among schools of similar background from Sweden, Germany and Poland. Every year from the end of August till mid September the master class in violin conducted by Professor Mincho Minchev reigns over the Centre.
The base of the International Children Centre Arkutino is under renovation. The Foundation began the construction of a new building, which will become an ecologic home for gifted children and will turn into a centre of work and recreation of the participants in the implemented programmes for talented young Bulgarians.
The cosy new premises will offer all necessary conditions for the organization of the seminars, summer schools and meetings of the participants in the Student Institute of Mathematics, the teachers, members of the Pedagogic School, of the master classes in visual arts and of the master class in music of Professor Mincho Minchev which already became traditional.
The new two-storey building of the hotel is equipped with all modern facilities for comfort and leisure and will spread out on 888 square metres build-up area. It will offer lecture halls for workshops, individual rehearsal rooms and comfortable foyers for informal gatherings among the participants and the guests of the different events.
It is an idea of the Foundation that the new Centre turns into a real ecologic home for gifted children taking into consideration its immediate vicinity to visitor centre of the Ropotamo Nature Reserve.

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