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Prof. Andrey Danchev Memorial Scholarship was established on October 10, 1996, jointly with the Department of English and American Studies at the Sofia University.

It has been designed to commemorate the extraordinary contribution of Professor Andrey Danchev to the development of english studies, epecially in the fiield of English language studies, in Bulgaria. The scholarship is a recognition of his broad international work to strenghten the position of Bulgarian science, as well as to continue his efforts to encourage and support the professional growth of talented young people in the scientific areas he studied. The aim of the scholarship is to continue his useful work, as well as to outline Andrey Danchev's example of a scientist and professor committed to his work. The scholarship program encourages the academic growth of well prepared young people in the field of English language studies in Bulgaria, thus contributing to broadening the Bulgarian and world integration in the humanities.

The scholarship is awarded on the basis of proven excellent academic achievements in all subjects studied in the field of English language studies, as well as after careful evaluation of written scientific work in this area.

Program Coordinator:
Ms. Antonina Dimitrova,
Tel. +359 2 9430001