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The Dr. Ilko Eskenazi Memorial Fund, founded in 1994, aimed at assisting the professional and academic growth of young people in the fields of law, economics and political sciences in Bulgaria.

The members of the Club set up to the Fund are 80 people working in the fields of economics and law. In its short history the Club has organized several successful international events. Among the conferences and discussions which provoked public interest was the one titled 'The Economies in Transition Through the Eyes of the Young', chaired by Prof. Dr. Peter Fischer-Appelt, Honorary President of the Foundation. Guest-lecturers were Prof. Dr. Claus Ott and Prof. Dr. Schaefer, both from the Hamburg University in Germany. Some students-members of the Club presented their projects. Yet another successful convocation was 'The European Dimensions of the World Financial Crisis: The Impact on the Program of Bulgaria for the Integration in the EU', where Mr. Peter Tils, the Director of Southern Europe, Central Europe, North America and Russia Department in the Deutche Bank at that time, was a guest-lecturer. Lectures were also given by Mr. Alexander Bozhkov, then Minister of Industry of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Stoyan Alexandrov, Chair of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of the Central Cooperative Bank at that time, and Mr. Mileti Mladenov, ex-Deputy-Governor of the Bulgarian National Bank.

Taking into consideration the practical help and support of Dr. Ilko Eskenazi to the overall process of integration of Bulgaria into the European Union till 1994, since the year 2005, the Fund has held annual competitions for the "Dr. Ilko Eskenazi - Bulgaria and the European Union - Law and Economics" awards. The competition aims at honouring and awarding written works in the fields of Law and Economics, related to the integration of Bulgaria and its EU membership. The participants are young people below the age of 30.

We are thankful for the significant financial contributions made by the EU Delegation to Bulgaria, the BNP-Dresdner Bank (now BNP-Paribas), and the Bulgarian-American Enterprise Fund towards the development of this program.

Program Co-ordinator:
Ms. Diana Grigorova,

Tel.: +359 2 9446248